Although Paddington In Peru promised to reconnect the eponymous bear with the Brown family, the franchise recast one of its main characters for the third chapter. Despite having played a prominent role in both prior films, Sally Hawkins has left the series. Sally Hawkins was a key member of the Brown family, with Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters, Samuel Joslin, and Madeleine Harris. Despite her successful and popular depiction of Mrs. Brown, Hawkins chose not to return for the threequel, promising a completely different dynamic in the next film.

Despite her minor part in Ben Wishaw’s Paddington, Mary Brown has probably been more crucial than many other characters in establishing the bear’s reputation as a de facto Brown family member. In the original Paddington, for example, she was the most willing to assist the homeless bear find his place in the London metropolis. Similarly, in Paddington 2, she not only assisted Paddington in purchasing the pop-up book that put the tale into action but also utilized her swimming abilities to save the bear from a crashing train. As a consequence, shifting such a significant part has considerable implications for the next film.

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