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The storyline for Season 2 of “Wednesday” is being kept tightly under wraps. Despite Netflix’s tight-lipped attitude, Ortega has hinted that season two would have more viral moments than Ortega’s self-composed prom dance.

Ortega told Vanity Fair, “In the first season, we had episodes with striking visuals, like the dance episode, which really resonated with viewers. The setting of that episode was unique, reminiscent of Prom Night, or even a bit like Carrie.”

She added, “Every episode of season two that I’ve read so far has that same distinctive quality”. It simply stands out on its own as a memorable moment, part, or location, which I think is what I’m most looking forward to, because pulling it off for eight episodes is, I think, really fantastic and extremely fortunate.”

Intrigued? We won’t receive much more than that for now, but there’s a lot to think about between now and the 2025 release date. Season one ended with loose threads that need immediate attention.

Wednesday’s revelation that her partner was the monster terrorizing Nevermore was the type of anguish she didn’t appear to like, despite her appetite for misery.

As a double dose of treachery, he underwent supervision from teacher favorite Ms. Thornhill, who revealed herself as a spiteful normie harboring a grudge against the outsiders.

We doubt Tyler will remain Ms. Thornhill’s controlled ‘pet’, but we are pretty confident he fled. And we’re even more certain that he’ll reappear in Wednesday’s life. However, whether as a friend, lover, or opponent remains to be seen.

However, Hunter Doohan, who portrays Tyler, has his own beliefs about his character’s destiny. In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, he said that he was certain Tyler was able to avoid prosecution.

“Believe he fled in the end. I was thrilled when I read it. I thought to myself, ‘Please, don’t let this character be dead’. Don’t be dead,” he added.

Doohan’s comment sheds some insight into whether Tyler’s form (good or evil) could be seen in season two, based on his season one arc.

“I believe he was being manipulated by Miss Thornhill,” Doohan stated. “Then he had to go and influence Wednesday to carry out their plan. And I believe he did a wonderful job with it.”

If he was genuinely being manipulated, he may find atonement. However, there might be more baddies to keep an eye on.

The episode mentioned the frightening presence of the Morning Songs, a cult-like organization led by Bianca’s siren mother that may entice new members many times. Bianca’s mother pushed her into joining them to enhance their convincing argument.

There is certainly potential and opportunity to raise the Morning Songs to the primary villain level in Wednesday season two. Keep an eye on this place.

The identity of the mysterious texter is something that has to be cleared out. Not shortly after Xavier gives Wednesday a beautiful new phone, she gets a mysterious, menacing text message including stalker-like photographs of herself.

Who sent it? That is uncertain, but that is exactly the kind of threat that will set Wednesday’s soul ablaze. It’s also something that will undoubtedly help propel a season two tale forward.

The showrunners have also expressed their want to delve more into the Addams family’s relationships, telling TVLine: “We felt like we had just scratched the surface with those characters, and the performers are great in those parts.

“Catherine is, I believe, an iconic Morticia. Wednesday’s connection with Morticia is also significant to the story, as is the concept that Wednesday is attempting to establish her path outside of the family.

Talking about complex connections. Enid and Wednesday had a difficult start before developing significant feelings for one another. Was it romantic? Many people wish it was, but those who expect a Wednesday-Enid match may be disappointed – at least during season two.

Responding to those expecting a love match between the two, Myers said that she had other expectations for season two.

For the second season, I think Wednesday needs to embrace being single,” she said regarding potential love interests for the character.

“She recently had a catastrophe with her guys; she needs to relax for a short while. If I had gone through that, I wouldn’t date anybody.”

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