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Swifties from all around the world remain intrigued about the mystery of belly button of Taylor Swift. In her live performances, Swift often tries to cover up her belly. This causes a stir among her fans. There is no doubt that this legendary, but lighthearted, mystery continues to baffle the world of popular culture.

The controversy over the belly button of Taylor Swift has caused a stir on the web.

Why is Taylor Swift’s belly button causing drama?

Her belly button has become a major source of debate since 2014. That was when Taylor Swift wore a cropped top that did not reveal her navel.

Many fans over the years have put forward several theories. One even suggests that she may not be wearing a bell button. In recent years Swifties saw the belly button several times in her shows. However, this has quickly become one of the most talked about topics in pop culture.

Why did Taylor Swift hide her belly button?

Taylor Swift told Lucky Magazine 2014 during an interview that she did not want to reveal her belly button.

The pop star said that once you expose your belly button, it’s like you’re saying you want to commit to the midriff. The pop icon said, “I don’t commit fully to the midriff look – all you can see is my lower rib cage.” Don’t tell anyone if you have a midriff. I’d like it to be a surprise.”

The actress continued: “As much as anybody knows, from my public performances they haven’t been able to see evidence of an actual belly button.” Taylor Swift went on to say that Swift’s belly could also be pierced or tattooed.

Entertainment Tonight says that in 2014, she wore many crop tops. Her lower ribcage remained hidden.

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