taylor swift and prince williamTaylor Swift and Prince William

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could not impress Hollywood when a viral photo of Taylor Swift and Prince William with Princess Charlotte gained considerable attention.

According to the story, the Duke and Duchess’ Hollywood approach came under criticism when the Taylor Swift and Prince William and his two oldest children before the event at Wembley Stadium.

Swift, renowned for her chart-topping “Lover” album, had previously turned down an invitation from the former “Suits” actress to appear on her “Archetypes” podcast. The request came in the form of a personalized letter, highlighting the Duchess’s keen interest in featuring the pop star.

Richard Eden of The Daily Mail explained the variations in Harry and Meghan’s celebrity networking strategies.

He explained: “It’s a unique relationship because Taylor Swift is here to show her respect for the Royal Family.

Eden remarked, “In a sense, you could say [she is] making court to Prince William, while Harry and Meghan do the opposite. They’re the ones that seem to be always sucking up to Hollywood aristocracy.

He said, “They thought when they moved to California, ‘we’ll be at the center of this sort of royal court, and everyone will come to see us.'” But it never seems to turn out that way.

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