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Ironheart is the best way for Robert Downey Jr. to return to MCU. Avengers: Endgame marked a turning point for the MCU, not only because of its aftermath, but also because the founding member of the franchise was leaving. Many had debated the possibility of Tony Stark returning to MCU after Iron Man died. It would seem to be a simple task, especially with all the potential that multiverse offers.

Downey Jr. said recently that he would happily return to MCU. (via Esquire). This has fuelled fans’ desires to see Tony Stark once again in the franchise. Iron Man’s return has always seemed impossible to achieve without reducing the significance of Endgame. Robert Downey Jr.’s best future MCU option is a small-scale appearance, not a big return. Ironheart is a return of Iron Man that makes sense thanks to Disney+’s MCU shows.

Robert Downey Jr.’s MCU Return Should Be In Ironheart

Ironheart, despite not being as grand a spectacle as one of the upcoming Avengers movies would be. is the MCU film in which Robert Downey Jr.’s return makes the most sense. Riri’s comic book background was widely known when she appeared in Black Panther : Wakanda Forever. She was then dubbed MCU Iron Man Replacement. There hasn’t been any context in the MCU to explain why Riri Williams is taking on the Iron Man role, other than the obvious similarity of her moniker and the suit technology.

It would be a great benefit to the series if Robert Downey Jr. returned as Iron Man for Ironheart. Ironheart was not touched since Wakanda forever,, and now Ironheart’s hype from her debut in the MCU is fading. Ironheart needs to do everything possible to re-engage fans and the return of an iconic Marvel character would certainly help. Iron Man’s appearance in Ironheart is the canonical choice.

How Tony Stark Could Return In Ironheart Without Ruining Iron Man’s Endgame Death

Iron Man’s return would have the problem of reducing the importance of his final endgame moments. This would apply even if it were a cameo of some kind. Iron Man is able to appear through Flashbacks in Ironheart without needing to be revived. Riri was clearly inspired by Tony so it would be logical to show them interacting in a past flashback. Tony, using the Stark Industries technology, could appear to be Riri’s AI mentor just like he was with Peter Parker.

Iron Man’s sacrifice of his life to save the world in Endgame was a perfect end for the character. It showed Tony Stark’s evolution as a human being since Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr.‘s recent comments have inspired many fans to desire an Iron Man comeback to the MCU. The best way to achieve this is to make it a small-screen film rather than a grand one. Ironheart is the best option for Tony to make a cameo. It would be logical to maintain his Endgame heritage.

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