Practical Magic 2Practical Magic 2

After 26 years, the Owens ladies are back. Warner Bros. has announced a sequel to the 1998 hit “Practical Magic,” with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in discussions to return.

The original film stars Bullock and Kidman as the witchy Owens sisters. They get involved in a supernatural cover-up when Bullock accidentally poisons and murders Kidman’s nasty ex-boyfriend (Goran Višnjić), compelling them to reanimate his body. The first film, directed by Gryphon Dunne and based from Alice Hoffman’s 1995 book of the same name, is a popular, terrifying season standard for those who are particularly interested in crystals.

Akiva Goldsman will write the script for the upcoming film, which Bullock and Kidman are slated to produce with Denise Di Novi.

Fans started talking about the future of “Practical Magic” on Sunday, when a statement was made at midnight on TikTok — a throwback to the previous film’s “midnight margaritas” sequence — that the film was now available digitally and on Max for streaming. The major news, however, came on Monday morning, when it was disclosed that “Practical Magic 2” was officially in development.

In 2019, HBO Max was developing a “Practical Magic” sequel series, “Rules of Magic,” based on Hoffman’s prequel book. That series gradually faded into obscurity in Hollywood, but the fan base endures.

Practical Magic 2 follows the women of the Owens family, a group of magically inclined, spellcasting females who are given with a supernatural ability yet cursed by their mother. Maria Owens set a spell on herself after being abandoned by her boyfriend, pregnant, and alone, vowing never to experience the anguish of love again. According to “Practical Magic” mythology and cast member Stockard Channing, “As her bitterness grew, the spell became a curse.” “A curse on any man who dared to love an Owens woman.” Enter Bullock and Kidman, two sisters determined to overcome the curse and rid themselves of a lifetime of nasty talk from their community.

The original picture is loaded with its own brand of enchantment, from the pitch-perfect Alan Silvestri music (the first clue at Warner Bros. teased earlier this week online) to the way Dunne actually videotaped Owens’ paranormal deeds. Furthermore, the soundtrack include true witchy geniuses such as Stevie Nicks’ re-recordings of “Crystal” and “If You Ever Did Believe” as well as Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You.”

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