Pirates Of The Caribbean RebootPirates Of The Caribbean Reboot

Johnny Depp will likely return in the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. Depp is best known for portraying the legendary Jack Sparrow in the first series. Inspired by the Disneyland theme park of the same name, the movies exploded and became a series of five films that have performed extremely well at the cinema. After earning approximately $ 4.5 billion, it is expected that the movie franchise will continue to grow with a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean. So far plot details and casting are kept a secret.

Depp won’t be in the Pirates Of The Caribbean Reboot. But there is still an opportunity for him to appear, and possibly reprise his part. Jerry Bruckheimer responded to Entertainment Tonight by saying that Depp may still be able to appear if Bruckheimer decides. It was revealed by Bruckheimer that Depp had spoken to him before about the possible future remake. His full quote is below.

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