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Oprah Winfrey has given author David Wroblewski a remarkable distinction among modern writers by making him the second-earned pick for her renowned book club.

On Tuesday, June 11, she stated that she had picked the author’s newly published work, Familiaris, which is a prequel to his first novel from 2008.

The Washington Post reported that Oprah Winfrey supported the previously published read, a Shakespearean drama called “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle”.

David Wroblewski’s latest work takes a somewhat different approach, with the same Sawtelle family attempting to find their ancestry and beginnings in Wisconsin’s north woods.

Oprah Winfrey thrilled for the selection, stating, “I am excited for us to delve into an epic novel from the incredibly talented bestselling author Familiaris, featuring his latest work.”

“He leads us on an extraordinary journey, blending history, philosophy, and mysticism to delve into the essence of love, friendship, and the true purpose of life,” Oprah Winfrey remarked.

The American host updated her website with more book-related information.

David Wroblewski said that he is “grateful” and looks forward to discussing the narrative with others who read it.

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