Mandisa, the acclaimed Grammy-winning vocalist who gained prominence during the fifth season of American Idol, passed away in April at the age of 47. The recent disclosure of the autopsy report by PEOPLE unveiled that her demise was attributed to complications arising from Class III obesity. Mandisa’s lifeless body was discovered in her Nashville residence by acquaintances following a period of approximately three weeks during which she had not been in contact.

The official determination regarding her passing was deemed as natural. Class III obesity, recognized as morbid obesity, denotes a severe health condition characterized by a body mass index (BMI) exceeding 40. This condition poses significant risks to one’s health, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and specific forms of cancer.

Subsequent to her successful stint on American Idol, Mandisa embarked on a prosperous musical journey. Her inaugural album, True Beauty, garnered critical acclaim through a Grammy nomination and secured the top spot on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. She proceeded to release an additional five albums and clinched a Grammy Award for her 2013 work Overcomer.

Nonetheless, Mandisa encountered personal tribulations in 2014 with the untimely passing of her closest confidante and backup singer Kisha Mitchell due to breast cancer during pregnancy. This tragic event plunged Mandisa into profound despondency prompting solace-seeking through food consumption and self-imposed isolation. Submerged in anguish and grappling with suicidal ideations amidst overwhelming sorrow led Mandisa into an abyss of shame.

Fortunately, a timely intervention orchestrated by devoted friends marked the inception of Mandisa’s restorative odyssey. She commenced addressing her emotional welfare while seeking healthier coping mechanisms for grief management during this bleak chapter in her life.

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