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In a lighthearted moment on the set of “The View,” Hollywood star Kevin Costner teases Whoopi Goldberg about a commercial break during his interview. The exchange brought laughter and showcased the friendly rapport between the two seasoned entertainers.

Kevin Costner, known for his roles in iconic films like “Dances with Wolves” and “The Bodyguard,” appeared on the popular daytime talk show to promote his latest project. The interview covered a range of topics, from his career highlights to his current work, but it was a playful interruption that stole the show.

As the discussion delved into his role on the hit TV series “Yellowstone,” Goldberg signaled for a commercial break. With a twinkle in his eye, Costner seized the moment to jest about the timing. “Just when it was getting good, Whoopi!” he quipped, drawing laughter from Goldberg and the studio audience.

Goldberg, a veteran actress and comedian, was quick to respond with her own wit. “You know how it is, Kevin. Bills to pay!” she retorted, referring to the necessity of commercial breaks in television. The friendly banter continued for a few moments, providing a delightful interlude in the midst of the interview.

The interaction highlighted the ease and camaraderie between Kevin Costner and Goldberg, both of whom have enjoyed long and successful careers in Hollywood. Their mutual respect and playful teasing added a touch of spontaneity and charm to the segment, endearing them even more to their fans.

Costner’s appearance on “The View” was well-received, with many viewers commenting on social media about the enjoyable exchange. The actor also took the opportunity to discuss his passion projects, including his band, Kevin Costner & Modern West, and his ongoing efforts in environmental conservation.

As the interview wrapped up, Kevin Costner thanked Goldberg and the co-hosts for having him on the show, leaving the audience with a smile and a promise to return. “Always a pleasure, Whoopi. Next time, I’ll keep an eye on the clock!” he joked, ending his visit on a high note.

The light-hearted moment on “The View” serves as a reminder of the importance of humor and good-natured fun, even in the midst of discussing serious topics. Costner’s charm and Goldberg’s quick wit made for a memorable and entertaining interview, one that viewers won’t soon forget.

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