Jenifer LopezJenifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is “super” shy when she’s not on stage. It was revealed by Jennifer Lopez that many people think that she is aloof and withdrawn when in fact, this isn’t the case. “I’m aware that many people find it absurd to make such an assertion. In addition to being super closeted, I’m also very shy. Lopez explained in an article that she thought people would read her words as “standoffish”, but this is not the case.

Lopez next stars in Atlas for Netflix. Although she thought the shooting of some intense scenes for the movie would be easier because she was by herself, in reality, it proved quite difficult. “I assumed that I would do all the takes and have to be very fast. No one else had to remember their lines. On the first day, you are falling through space. The world is going mad. Every day was intense, but without another actor to help you with half of the energy you need, you’re on your own. It was exhausting. “I will leave Atlas staggering,” she continued.

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