Benn Affleck and Jennifer LopezBenn Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez responded to social media posts about unhealthy relationships, as the rumors surrounding her marriage to Ben Affleck continued.

Lenna Marsak, a relationship coach, shared in her Instagram stories on Thursday, May 16 that Lopez, 54 had “liked”. The post, which was published on March 19, detailed personality traits that some people have that are unhealthy for romantic relationships.

“Just logged on to IG and noticed @jlo liked my post,” Marsak, who posts under the Instagram handle @yourcourageouscomeback, wrote. Marsak posted a screenshot showing that Lopez’s account liked the post. She added, “Jlo’s PR team or Jlo herself. I will take that.”

Marsak shared another video with his followers on 17 May asking them to be cautious about Lopez, as Affleck and Lopez, both 51 years old, are facing renewed speculations regarding their relationship. Please be kind to Jennifer Lopez, because she is a person. She said, “I don’t know if the couple is divorcing.” I hope they don’t, but yes, please.

The post states that you cannot build a relationship with someone lacking integrity and emotional safety, who does not respect others’ time, lacks communication skills, and doesn’t know what you want or who you are.

Lopez’s Instagram posts come as tensions between Affleck and Lopez continue to escalate. Last seen holding hands, the Air director and singer were photographed in New York City together on March 30, 2009.

Affleck did not attend the Met Gala in 2024, but Lopez spent a lot of time there in early April and late May, promoting the Netflix film Atlas, Kiss of the Spider Woman and promoting the Netflix Movie Atlas.

Lopez and Affleck dated famously from 2002-2004 and then rekindled romance in 2021. The couple married in Affleck’s Georgia compound after eloping to Las Vegas.

The couple does not have any shared children. However, Lopez has twins Max, 16, and Emme, 16 with Marc Anthony. Affleck, on the other hand, shares his three children: Violet (18), Seraphina (15), and Samuel (12) with Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s ex-wife.

They worked together on Lopez’s musical This Is Me Now a Love Story, and its accompanying documentary. Lopez stated at the February film screening that Ben Affleck “was kind of a reluctant participant, silent player and all.” She also mentioned the Oscar-winning filmmaker offered his expertise for the project.

She said, “It was not my idea to capture every moment while doing this.” When we began filming, the situation became more and more strange. My husband was there to witness the entire thing and was one of the first people who said, “We need to capture this.” He brought in an amazing team.

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