Jennifer Lopez and Ben AffleckJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

There’s bad news for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck lovers out there. The couple appears to be headed in the direction of a possible divorce. Since they got back together after almost two decades apart, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez decided to get married quickly. But their troubles were obvious by simply looking at his face. We’ve been covering these paparazzi photos ad nauseam at Marca but now we have some new information suggesting that these two may be headed for divorce. These reports are not confirmed by an official source. It is making quite a stir on social media.

Indicators Suggesting Ben and Jennifer May Be Heading for Divorce:

Start with some clues. Jennifer Lopez was spotted at multiple locations without Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck was at Tom Brady Netflix Comedy Roast, a roasting surprise for the event. Jennifer Lopez celebrated Mother’s Day with her friends on her own. In Touch Weekly dropped the bomb on Wednesday. The claim is that they spoke with someone close to the pair who said these two were already working on things in couples therapy. They fight over every detail. Ben Affleck’s miserable demeanor is always evident when Jennifer Lopez is present at public functions.

Sources claim that Ben Affleck is doing everything he can to keep the marriage together because he does not want it to end in divorce. This source claims to have known Ben Affleck for more than 10 years and is well-versed in the family dynamics of this couple. If things keep going the same way, we may be hearing about a divorce shortly. In Touch also reports that Ben Affleck has already left the house they purchased together last year. In Touch Weekly reports that neither Ben Affleck nor Jennifer Lopez commented.

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