Jelly Roll Weight LossJelly Roll Weight Loss

Tears welled up in Jelly Roll‘s eyes as he crossed the finish line of his first 5k run in Tennessee on Tuesday marking major milestone on Jelly Roll weight loss journey.

A video captures an emotional Jelly Roll, the 39-year-old singer, wiping tears away at the finish line after conquering the 2 Bears 5K hosted by podcasters Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura. Jelly Roll said in an Entertainment Tonight interview that he has come a very long way since accepting Kreischer’s and Segura’s 5K by May challenge.

He said, “I could not walk a mile in January when I first tried to do this.” The fact that today we were able to complete 3-points-whatever, made me feel really, really happy.

Jelly Roll said, “I felt really inspired when I left.”

Also, he shared an update about his weight loss journey. He told the outlet he had lost between 50 and 70 pounds since starting to train for the race.

After completing the 5K, “Son of a Sinner’s” singer said he felt “great”, though “a bit tired”.

Jelly Roll told ET it was “really awesome” to learn that his participation in the 2 Bears run had inspired other people.

He said, “I thought the most cool thing was how many people came to us and told us they were inspired by us or other big guys.” It was really amazing to witness that.

He said that the participants were “a very eclectic bunch of people.” One was running in a bear costume, and there were also people drinking beer.

Some people set personal records!” He added.

Bunny Xo revealed last month that Jelly Roll was taking a social media break due to the negative comments made about his weight.

She said this on the “Podcast”: “My husband left the Internet because he was tired of bullying about his weight.” It makes me cry because it is such a sweet baby.

Bunnie Xo told her audience, “My husband does not show it to all of you, but I will have a vulnerable moment.” It hurts him.

Jelly Roll’s full name is Jason Bradley DeFord. The country singer has always been open about his struggle to lose weight. In 2018, the country singer revealed via Instagram that he had a body weight of over 500 pounds before embarking on his weight loss journey. He lost more than 200 pounds.

Jelly Roll announced in April that he would lose another 100 pounds. He had lost weight while preparing to run the 5K as part of Netflix Is a Joke, a comedy festival.

Jelly Roll spoke about his feelings during the hiatus he took from social media.

I feel amazing. “I’m surrounded with friends and family,” said he. Me and Burt shed a few tears together as we crossed the finish line.

“Next year, half-marathon!” he declared. We’re saying it right away, without hesitation. “We’re doing this.”

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