Hayden BarnesHayden Barnes

General Hospital throws another punch with a troubling situation. Violet (Jophielle Love) faces a downward spiral with her dad, Finn (Michael Easton), who’s battling alcoholism. Elizabeth, Tracy (Jane Elliot), and Chase (Josh Swickard) scramble, but the answer might lie with Violet’s missing mom, Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig).

Hayden’s past is a tangled web – an affair, a health scare, and a mysterious exit due to Nikolas’ (Adam Huss) threat. Now, Violet’s left with a struggling father, raising concerns for her safety. (Budig’s departure was due to a contract issue.)

With Violet in crisis, could this be the perfect storm for Hayden’s long-awaited return? Easton’s contract rumors also fuel speculation about his character’s fate. One thing’s for sure: drama is brewing! Will Hayden Barnes swoop in and save the day? Stay tuned to Soap Dirt for all the juicy spoilers!

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