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The top five contestants – Abi Carter, Emmy Russell, Jack Blocker, Triston Harrer, and Will Moseley – each showcased their talents with two performances. They selected songs from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel franchises, aiming to secure their spots in the coveted Top 3 through America’s votes.

Emmy Russell’s Performance

Emmy Russell selected a diverse range of songs for her performances. She chose “Carried Me with You” from Pixar’s “Onward” and Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” from “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” which, while not strictly a Disney animated film, is associated with the Disney brand. While she was comfortable sitting at the keyboard for Miley Cyrus’s cover, her newfound self-confidence showed when she moved around the podium during her second appearance.

Russell’s performance in the Top 8 touched Lionel Richie’s, Katy Perry’s, and Luke Bryan’s hearts with an emotional rendition by Lynn of “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Katy Perry’s emotional piano rendition moved her to tears, delivering a cathartic performance that deeply resonated with her.

Katy Perry told the audience, “I didn’t choose this song just because Loretta Lynn happens to be your grandma.” “Katy Perry selected this song because Emmy Russell can now do whatever she wants.”

Abi Carter’s Performance

Abi Carter chose to bring a mix of classic Disney charm and modern Marvel heroism to her performances. She started with a heartwarming rendition of “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from “Cinderella,” capturing the timeless magic of the song with her pure and melodic voice. Her second choice, “Remember Me” from Pixar’s “Coco,” was a poignant tribute that displayed her vocal range and emotional depth. Abi’s connection with the audience was palpable as she delivered each note with sincerity and grace.

Jack Blocker’s Performance

Jack Blocker brought an energetic and charismatic presence to the stage with his song choices. His first performance was “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Pixar’s “Toy Story,” which he performed with a playful and engaging style that had the audience clapping along. For his second song, he opted for “Go the Distance” from Disney’s “Hercules,” a powerful anthem that allowed him to showcase his impressive vocal strength and determination. Jack’s performances were a blend of fun and inspiration, making him a standout contender.

Triston Harrer’s Performance

Triston Harrer chose to blend classic Disney nostalgia with modern Marvel excitement. His first song was “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King,” where he brought a sense of grandeur and emotion that left the audience in awe. For his second performance, Triston selected “Avengers: Endgame” theme song, giving a unique vocal interpretation that was both thrilling and captivating. Triston’s ability to blend different genres and his commanding stage presence made his performances memorable.

Will Moseley’s Performance

Will Moseley opted for a mix of heartfelt Disney ballads and Marvel heroics in his song choices. He began with “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from “The Lion King,” delivering a tender and soulful rendition that showcased his vocal warmth. His second choice, “The Avengers Theme” from the Marvel franchise, was a bold and unconventional choice, but Will’s innovative arrangement and powerful performance left a lasting impression on the judges and audience alike. Will’s versatility and creativity were evident in his performances, making him a strong contender for the Top 3.

Judges’ Reactions

The judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan, were visibly moved and impressed by the performances of all five contestants. Lionel Richie praised Abi Carter for her heartfelt connection with the audience and her ability to bring classic Disney songs to life. Katy Perry was particularly moved by Emmy Russell’s performances, noting her emotional depth and newfound confidence. Luke Bryan commended Jack Blocker for his energetic and charismatic stage presence, while Triston Harrer’s blend of nostalgia and modern excitement earned him high praise from all three judges. Will Moseley’s innovative approach and powerful vocals were also highly regarded by the judges, making the competition even more intense.

Audience Reactions

The audience’s reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with each contestant receiving enthusiastic applause and support. The diverse song choices and unique interpretations resonated with fans of all ages, from those who grew up with classic Disney films to younger audiences familiar with Pixar and Marvel franchises. Social media was abuzz with praise for the contestants, with fans expressing their excitement and support for their favorites. The anticipation for the final results was palpable, as viewers eagerly awaited to see which contestants would make it to the coveted Top 3.

The Road Ahead

As the competition moves forward, the stakes are higher than ever. The Top 3 contestants will face even greater challenges, with new themes and song choices that will test their versatility and creativity. The journey to the finale promises to be an exciting and emotional ride, with each contestant bringing their unique talents and stories to the stage. The support from the judges, audience, and fans will play a crucial role in determining the next steps for these talented performers.

In conclusion, the top five contestants have set the bar high with their outstanding performances, showcasing their vocal prowess, emotional depth, and stage presence. The anticipation for the remaining stages of the competition is immense, as viewers look forward to more memorable performances and unexpected surprises. The journey to the Top 3 is filled with excitement, and the ultimate winner will undoubtedly be a deserving and talented individual who has captured the hearts of America.

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