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Wolverine was teased in the MCU before Hugh Jackman returned in Deadpool & Wolverine. But one theory may explain how. Hugh Jackman has confirmed that he will reprise his Fox X-Men role as James “Logan”, a.k.a. Wolverine will be joining Ryan Reynolds, his close friend, and collaborator in the MCU, back in September of 2022. Jackman played Wolverine between 2000’s X-Men, and Logan in 2017. He will get a comic-accurate remake in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine. This won’t mark the first mention of Wolverine in the MCU.

The first Deadpool & Wolverine official trailer gave a detailed view of Hugh Jackman’s return to Phase 5 of the MCU. Wolverine, who will embark on an epic multiverse journey with Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool, and the Void of Time, is set to receive a comic book-accurate outfit for his return. However, this version of Wolverine may not match the one audiences are familiar with. Deadpool & Wolverine trailer suggested that Wolverine could be from an entirely different universe. This wild theory suggests he may have been hidden in the MCU for all this time.

Marvel Studios Has Already Teased Wolverine’s Existence In The MCU:

Marvel Studios teased that Wolverine was already part of the main continuity in 2024’s Deadpool & Wolverine, even though the mutant wasn’t seen. She-Hulk Attorney at Law, a 2022 film, included several clues to Wolverine being in the MCU even though he wasn’t visible. Jennifer Walters reads a subheading on a website that says, “Man fights metal claws in a bar brawl” while she is searching for a new job. This reference to Wolverine’s legendary bar fights from his Marvel Comics or Fox X-Men history.

The penultimate She-Hulk episode of Attorney at Law also included a clever Wolverine joke. Nikki, while Jen and Nikki prepare for the Southern California Law Awards Gala, jumps out from behind a brick wall to mimic Wolverine’s famous “SNIKT”, or claw-extension action. In She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, episode 5, the credits show a Wolverine-style shoe in Pug’s collection. It seems that Wolverine is already well-known in the MCU, even though no sign has yet been seen of him. This could be a support for the Deadpool and Wolverine theories.

Deadpool & Wolverine’s Trailer Has Confirmed Tragedy For Wolverine’s World:

Many assumed that Hugh Jackman would return as Fox’s Wolverine in Marvel Studios Deadpool & Wolverine. To avoid affecting the ending of Logan’s 2017 X-Men installment, it would be easy to have Wolverine taken from a timeline before the events in Logan. Deadpool & Wolverine trailer might have suggested that Hugh Jackman would portray a different version of Wolverine from a universe the Time Variance Authority claims he destroyed.

Some scenes in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer suggest that the X-Men have died, and Wolverine is somehow responsible. According to some theories, this may be an alternate timeline in which he did not kill Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix back in 2006. Or it could simply be a world ravaged by an incursion. David1258, a Reddit user who shared this theory on the site, suggests that the MCU Earth-616 could be the hiding place for this Wolverine after his world was destroyed. It could be that She-Hulk Attorney at Law teased Wolverine, but this could also have serious implications for MCU.

Wolverine On The Sacred Timeline Could Cause Major Problems For The MCU:

On the one hand, if this scenario ends up being true, it might take a while before this particular version of Wolverine enters the MCU. Probably this would be after the plot of Marvel Studios‘ Loki series because for an easier exploring the multiverse the Sacred Timeline is broken. Nevertheless, it could be that this had already happened before Loki, and that the accelerated temporal fluctuation was not caught by the TVA, or they might have realized that this wouldn’t have an extreme effect on the timeline. On the other hand, the idea of Wolverine transgressing universes could potentially result in a very dangerous situation.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness brought up incursions, and John Krasinski’s Mister Fantastic seemed to imply that variants resulting from those incursions were what caused the related damage. If Wolverine has been lurking in the Dark corner of MCUs Earth-616 for long, the possibility of a big turmoil might have been in the offing all this while. This would be very important for the MCU’s future projects like Avengers 5 and Secret Wars and will be more so since there is a hint about other incursions being shown in the Multiverse Saga, so, hence, Deadpool and Wolverine could create an amazing plotline for these two projects.

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