Top 10 Brad Pitt MoviesTop 10 Brad Pitt Movies

Brad Pitt, the Hollywood actor has left the women across the globe drooling over his looks, talent, charm, and ability to play different characters on the silver screen for years now. In mind-bending dramas to action films, he has brought into the big screen a diverse type of roles making a significant impact in the movie industry. Here is a list of top 10 Brad Pitt movies that will inspire many and is an indication of many more great performances to come in the future.

1. Fight Club (1999):

”Fight Club” is a film that topped many fans’ lists after its release in 1999 and that directed by David Fincher took Brad Pitt to another level of fame. Pitt really brings life to the character of Tyler Durden, an antagonistic and revolutionary character who co-creates a secret club of enthusiasts of live fights with the protagonist, portrayed by Edward Norton. This societal critique, together with the aspects of masculinity and consumerist culture and packaged ideals, remains relevant to this day.

2. Se7en (1995):

This striking psychological thriller is also directed by David Fincher and Brad Pitt together with Morgan Freeman plays the role of a detective hunting for the serial killer who commits his ‘crimes’ based on seven sins. The movie ‘Se7en’ portrays Detective David Mills played by Pitt where he demonstrate his skills in depicting the deep pain and weakness in front of evil, thus marking it ideal for thrilling movies freaks.

3. Inglourious Basterds (2009):

Inglourious Basterds”, a Second World War movie by Quentin Tarantino, portrays the thrilling fact of historical revisionism set in France under the Nazi occupation. The movie features Brad Pitt as a Jewish-American officer who has to lead his team of soldiers through Nazi Germany to kill some of the key figures in the Third Reich. Another important character portrayed by Brad Pitt is the extremely complicated Lt. Aldo Raine; this fact also adds to the movie’s success since audiences laugh at some of the scenes while in others they are worried due to the fight scenes which are well performed by Pitt.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008):

In this moving fantasy drama movie by David Fincher, Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button, speak as a man born with the disease that causes him to age backward while the years are ticking away. The different phases of Button are depicted by Pitt throughout the movie, which is evidence of Pitt’s acting ability. Due to the original setting of the movie and the outstanding acting by Brad Pitt, the film received good reviews from the critics and proper attention from the Academy Awards team which awarded it with nominations.

5. Troy (2004):

Wolfgang Petersen directs “Troy” is an historical war film which is based on the mythological story of the Trojan War. Recent Hollywood production is a film adaptation of the Homeric epic “Iliad” where Brad Pitt plays the primary character of Achilles – the Greek hero whose arrogance ultimately costs him his life. Pitt’s acting reflects all the attributes of Achilles – muscle power and arrogance intermingled with internal struggle – raising the movie to the status of an epic.

6. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019):

In Quentin Tarantino’s fictionalization or somewhat parody of the golden age of Tinseltown of the 1960s, the charismatic and magnetic Brad Pitt really proves a standout as Cliff Booth, stuntman and sidekick to the all too sensitive struggling TV star Ricky Dalton played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Pitt once again captures the charm and suave demeanor as he goes through a transformation posed by the arising trends in Hollywood while the crimes of the Manson Family are taking place.

7. Moneyball (2011):

“Moneyball” is one of the best in top 10 brad pitt movies based on a real events that depict Billy Beane, portrayed by Brad Pitt, making changes to how teams and players in baseball industry are selected and cordially managed. It is though, when placing the features of baseball, the print curtain, and a kind of tragic heroism into the brough of Oakland, that i really begin to understand Brad Pitt’s portrayal of Beane. The film’s tense and dramatic plot, along with Brad Pitt’s excellent acting, impressed many viewers, making it a great success.

8. Ocean’s Eleven (2001):

This stylish heist film stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt among others and was directed by Steven Soderbergh. Pitt stars as Rusty Ryan, a smooth Talking con man who is part of a team led by Danny Ocean and planning to pull off three different Las Vegas casinos at the same time. Pitt’s off-hand humor and friendly disposition with the other actors and actresses of the film makes “Ocean’s Eleven” quite an amusing and pleasant trip.

9. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007):

This melancholic tale of the wild west consentizes the legendary Jesse James played by Brad Pitt and then slashes through the heart by Robert Ford, played by Casey Affleck. Brad Pitt revives James as a character filled with complexity and contradiction, portraying him as both a beloved icon and a troubled man, which is a worrying aspect. The lack of action and clear goal is intentional, and Clark is excellent in a role that is probably one of Pitt’s best performances in a film.

10. The Tree Of Life (2011):

Terrence Malick is a director who has mastered creating philosophical films. Jack (Hunter McCracken), a young boy, grows up as one of 3 brothers in a Texas town.  The Jack and his father Brad Pitt have a difficult relationship, but he is close to his lovely mother Jessica Chastain.  Jack (Sean Penn), an adult struggling with his past, tries desperately to explain his childhood.


In my opinion, Brad Pitt is one talented actor and he proves this fact by starring in many great films throughout the years. Pitt has proved to be a versatile actor that reciprocates the best feeling of an audience from intense dramatic performances to action movies. Whether in dramatic roles when the portrayal of difficult characters in philosophical films, or in comedies and fantastic films when he is adding brightness and vivacity to a large team, the talent of the actor is unmistakable. The above listed films are Top 10 Brad Pitt Movies for those interested in his career and movie achievements which rank the actor among the Hollywood best.

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