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Get ready for one hell of a punch. Dwayne Johnson (sort of) will enter the octagon to film his next biographical drama, “The Smashing Machine. The Rock generally does not headlines action movies, but this is not the case here. Why it is important to watch this movie?

Back in Johnson’s corner is a new thrills and spills vehicle, “The Smashing Machine”. Mark Kerr was one of the great fighters with tremendous contributions towards MMA before the formation of the ultimate Fighting Championship. In his text, Johnson narrates the life of Kerr, from the time he was in the fighting uphill to the time he faced challenges.

Safdie Benny’s directorship contributes more to the mix. Benny Safdie’s gritty, textured filmmaking elevates realistic, character-driven genre movies, earning praise for their raw, intense, and authentic aesthetic. This participation of Sefdie indicates that “The Smashing Machine” with complex portrayal, will bring the somber aspects of Kerr and his story.

Johnson has many friends but it is very essential to understand this is not a one man show. The production of “The Smashing Machine” has reportedly added several cast members, including Emily Blunt as Dawn, wife to Mark Kerr’s character. In my opinion, the current adaptation benefits from the addition of Emily Blunt, which adds a new level of interpretation of the film’s plot. The scenarios are realistic by having real-life mixed martial artists such as Oleksandr USyk, and Ryan Bader.

Mark Kerr does not only aim to fight and win in battle or in the ring. The plot will be based on Kerr’s struggle with vices and substance abuse, accoding to the report. Johnson, with is a commanding screen presence and ability to deliver standout performances, can effectively blend this intimate element with the dramatic.

While filming reportedly began in December 2023, an official release date for “The Smashing Machine” hasn’t been announced yet. However, projections place its arrival sometime in 2025.

Fasten your seat belts movie fans and fighters. The Smashing Machine is a dramatized knockout that will alter the way one sees Dwayne from before.

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