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Katy Perry was born on October 25th, 1984 in Santa Barbara California.

Katy Hudson’s two traveling born-again Christian pastor parents raised her as the middle child in southern California. They forbade nonreligious music, so she grew up singing hymns to God and gospel. When she was a teenager, Hudson began to learn the guitar. Her debut album Katy Hudson (2001), which had a gospel influence, sold badly. Hudson found inspiration in rock musicians like Freddie Mercury and Alanis Morissette who she discovered via friends. Perry was her maiden name to avoid confusion, and she soon relocated to Los Angeles, where she pursued success in secular music.

Katy Perry’s attempts to break into the mainstream failed. Perry was signed and dropped by two record labels before she had released any music. Capitol Records did release Perry’s Ur So Gay album in 2007 which was a modest success due to its flippant title. After a few months, she made a bigger splash with “I Kissed a Girl,” a vigorous ode to her sexual curiosity backed on a hard-edged electropop beat. This song created controversy as critics accused it of encouraging same-sex marriages, and others claimed it was playing to male fantasies. Nevertheless, titillation was a key factor in making “I Kissed a Girl”, a hit single across the world, and boosting the sales of the album One of the Boys (2007). Perry’s funky, sharply-tongued “Hot N Cold” was also popular. The album–which she wrote in large part–was eventually sold more than three million copies.

In late 2009, tabloids started focusing on Katy Perry due to her brightly-colored, eccentric fashion, which she drew inspiration from burlesque, 1940s pinups, and Japan’s kawaii culture. Katy Perry returned to studios after recording stripped-down MTV Unplugged, (2009). Teenage Dream (2010) was a commercial success, even surpassing One of the Boys. This release showcased Perry’s full-throated singing voice and included such songs as “California Gurls,” which featured rapper Snoop Dogg. In mid-2011, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F. Perry tied Michael Jackson for the most number-one singles from an album with “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).”

With her third album Prism (2013) she maintained her position in the music industry. The anthemic “Roar” was among the many hits. She featured her song “Rise” in TV coverage of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016. Witness (2017) is Perry’s latest studio album. Her return came with “Smile,” a song aimed at the mainstream market in 2020, focusing on empowerment. It was more introspective and less popular than her earlier works, receiving less enthusiasm.

Although critics have branded Perry’s work as trite, the music business has generally been kinder to her, awarding several Grammy nominations including Album of The Year for Teenage Dream. The Smurfs in 2011. She later reprised her role as Smurfette. Katy Perry is also featured in the documentary Katy Perry Part of Me, a 3-D tour film. Perry took part in the 2018 incarnation of American Idol.

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