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Anne Hathaway American actress (born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1982) known for being versatile, she has starred in movies ranging from adult comedies and dramas to fairy tales.

Hathaway’s family relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Millburn, New Jersey, at the age of six. Kate McCauley’s mother was an actress, while her father, Gerald, was a lawyer. Hathaway began her career as an actress after she toured alongside her mother for a Les Misérables musical when she was a teenager. Get Real offered her first television role in 1999-2000, following two years of study at New York’s Barrow Group.

Hathaway, who graduated high school in the year 2000 began taking on film roles. The Princess Diaries was her first big-screen role. In it, Hathaway played Mia Thermopolis. Thermopolis plays a young girl who is unaware that she has inherited the royal throne. Hathaway then starred in the sequel of The Princess Diaries 2 in 2004 and also played in Ella Enchanted. Hathaway, fearing being type-cast, chose to play a more adult role. This led her to Ang Lee’s critically acclaimed Brokeback Mtn (2005). Hathaway, who played the wife to a man in secret love (Heath Ledger), won an Academy Award nod for Best Picture for this dramatic drama.

Anne Hathaway was seen in The Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Steep. The movie received critical and popular acclaim. In Becoming Jane (2007) she played the protagonist of a fictionalized version of Jane Austen’s life. Hathaway earned her first Academy Award for her performance as Kym, a recovering heroin user in Rachel Getting Married (2009). Hathaway’s acting range expanded even further in the romantic comedies Bride Wars and Valentine’s Day. In 2010, the actress returned to her fairytale roots in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, playing the White Queen. The following year she appeared in Love and Other Drugs as a free-spirited character with Parkinson’s. One Day was her next role.

For The Dark Knight Rises (2012), the final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Hathaway inhabited the role of the crafty Catwoman. In 2012, she starred in the film adaptation of Les Misérables as Fantine. This was the same role her mother had played on stage when she was a child. Hathaway’s portrayal of the forlorn Fantine earned her the Academy Award for best supporting actress. She provided the voice of a macaw in the animated Rio (2011) and its sequel, Rio 2 (2014). In 2014, Hathaway became a part of Nolan’s space drama Interstellar ensemble cast. She portrayed a scientist who attempts to find a habitable planet after war and famine make Earth uninhabitable. Hathaway then returned to comedy in 2015 with her role in The Intern, where she played a fashion entrepreneur who hires a retiree, Robert De Niro.

Anne Hathaway portrayed the woman in Colossal who discovered that she had a mysterious connection with a giant beast. In 2016, Hathaway re-enacted her role of the White Queen from Alice Through the Looking Glass. Her performance in Ocean’s 8 (2017), the female reboot of Ocean’s Eleven from earlier 2000s, was praised for its portrayal as a self absorbed actress. In 2019, Hathaway’s credits included Serenity, in which she played a character who solicited her ex-husband Matthew McConaughey to murder someone; The Hustle about two con-artists; Modern Love, Amazon’s anthology show in which Hathaway played a woman with mental illness in one episode; Dark Waters, which was a drama about the legal case of an alleged chemical pollution in a locality.

Hathaway starred as a child’s author in a children’s novel adaptation, The Witches. In 2020, she starred both in The Last Thing He Wanted and The Witches. Hathaway appeared in Solos, a sci-fi TV anthology series and the Locked Down heist movie the following year. Jared Leto starred in We Crashed, a miniseries that chronicled the rise and decline of We Work – a company which promoted shared offices – later. She also starred in the 2022 family drama Armageddon Time. The story revolves around a sixth grader coming of age and deals with issues such as racism and privilege.

Hathaway is also known as a singer. She performed in New York Carnegie Hall’s honor chorus during 1999. In 2002, she made her New York debut with the musical Carnival. Hathaway has played non-singing roles on stage, including Viola in the 2009 New York Shakespeare in the Park performance of Twelfth Night and as a pilot in Julie Taymor’s 2015 Public Theater production Grounded. Hathaway co-hosted 2011’s Academy Awards with actor James Franco.

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